About Dream Jewelry & Craft

Welcome to my store. My name is Summaya, the founder of the Dream jewelry & Crafts’ online store. About 5 years ago I came to the USA from a small country of Asia continental named Bangladesh. I wanted to do nursing, but it’s became financially heavy load for me, so I started my small business in 2020 to generate enough money to continue my career goal. I used to work in a retail store. Due to COVID-19 I lost my job. At that time, I was expecting our first child. So I had to step up and do something for my family and the future of my child. I started my small business with a little amount of capital. It wasn’t an easy journey. I faced a lot of difficulties and had to bear a huge amount of loss. But I didn’t give up and kept pushing myself. Now I am a mother of a baby girl and going back to college for part-time. So, this business is really important to me as it is going to support me with my tuition fees and other expenses. I always try to do my business honestly and provide my customers a high quality products.

 All of your love and support is all I need. If you can’t buy anything just share my website with your friends and families and like and share my videos on TikTok. Thanks for visiting my website and reading my story.